Looking for a Reliable Upholstery Shop? You’re in the Right Place!

Armchair, chaise lounge, recliner chairs, or footstool, whatever furniture you may have in your home that needs upholstery, all of these need quality upholstery to complete the look you are going for. In fact, these upholsteries upgrade the comfort and the ergonomics of the furniture piece. Without it, your furniture looks a bit plain and dull. Hence, it is advisable for homeowners to do furniture restoration not only to improve its functionality but also to add value to it.

If you decide to have your pieces of furniture restored, forget about depending on your DIY skills and instead rely on a professional such as JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc to do it for you. If you are near Childersburg, AL and you decide to have your furniture restored, drop by to our shop and acquire our restoration services!


Why Restore Your Furniture

It is truly inevitable that your pieces of furniture will get outdated. Whatever piece of furniture you may have bought in the past may not be in trend these days hence, restoring it is truly important. In fact, by acquiring furniture restoration at an upholstery shop, you do not only give a facelift for your furniture but you also get to repair any damage or imperfections it attained all throughout the years. Furthermore, you do not only improve the functionality of your piece of furniture but you also add value to it.


Why Our Upholstery Shop

With the skilled hands of our upholsterers, we vow to give your furniture the restoration it deserves. We have the proper tools to fix the tears and scratches the upholsteries of your furniture has experienced. Take note, we do not only focus on fixing the upholstery instead we focus on the totality of the furniture hence, but we also fix whether it has bent arm or bent leg. We make sure it fully functional once it is returned back to your care. We put in all our best efforts to provide you the restoration service you deserve!


For all your restoration needs, make sure to choose JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc! Wherever you may be in Childersburg, AL and it happens that you have a piece of furniture that needs fixing, make sure to call us at (256) 391-5784 or drop by at our upholstery shop and we will give your furniture the restoration it needs!

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