Refurnish Your Interiors With Our Furniture Upholstery!

Are your seats look too dull and out of trend and in need of refurbishing? This is your chance to revamp it and give it a new life by acquiring new upholsteries! In fact, you have the chance to make it fabulous again by simply buying a new furniture upholstery and you’re good to go.

Here at JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc, you can definitely expect that you will get the upholsteries you need for your furniture! If you are near Childersburg, AL you might want to visit us at our physical shop and look at our upholsteries!


Why Get New Furniture Upholstery

There are some damages that are hard to fix. In fact, there are those spots and stains that are difficult to remove thus destroying your once elegant-looking armchairs in your living room. You may think it would be best to throw your furniture but if you have the type of chair that has unique craftsmanship and elegant design, you may want to reconsider buying new furniture and instead acquire new furniture upholstery instead. By doing so, you get to be creative at what you do, you can mix and match colors and you get to choose the level of comfort you want your armchair to be!


Choose Our Upholstery Services

If you need new upholstery for your furniture then you need not look far as we provide the best upholsteries in the area. In fact, with our 40 years of experience, you get to choose quality upholsteries for your furniture frame. You can customize it according to the design and aesthetic you want.

Also, we have a wide range of fabrics you can choose from to achieve the design and the style you want for your pieces of furniture. Moreover, we set our pieces and fabrics at an affordable price hence, you need not worry about going beyond your budget limit.


For all your residential upholstery needs, choose JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc to do it for you! If you are living within Childersburg, AL then it will be definitely convenient for you to take advantage of our upholstery service! Simply call us at (256) 391-5784 and get your free estimates!

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