Reasons the Furniture’s Upholstery Should Be Repaired

When Would You Need the Services of an Upholstery Shop


Upholstered furniture is very pretty to look at. With its color and design, it will add beauty to the area it is placed. Unfortunately, a time will come when wear and tear will be evident. The best thing you can do is bring your furniture to an upholstery shop so the damage will be taken care of right away. Here are the common reasons you have to bring the upholstered furniture to the shop.


Upholstery Maintenance

There are ways to keep your furniture’s upholstery at its top shape for a long time. With regular upholstery maintenance, you do not have to worry about your upholstery for a long time. You do not have to deal with big damage on the upholstery since it will be seen and repaired during the regular maintenance service.



There are many reasons the upholstery of the furniture gets damaged. If you see a small scratch on the upholstery, there is a possibility that it will get bigger. You should not wait for this to happen anymore. An upholstery repair is way cheaper compared to having the furniture reupholstered. If the damage is still small, the furniture upholstery specialist will not have a hard time dealing with it.



There are holes on the upholstery that are small and sewing them will be enough. If you do not know how to sew the fabric yourself, better bring your car to the upholstery shop even if the holes are still small. Although the experts will use patches on bigger holes, they know how to do it so it will not damage the beauty of the upholstery. Do not be complacent if you see small holes. The integrity of the fabric is already compromised. The hole could get bigger with just a small excess weight on it. Before you know it, the fabric’s hole is already big and it could no longer be patched up, you might end up dealing with reupholstering.


To make sure your furniture’s upholstery is properly repaired, bring your furniture to the upholstery shop of JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc. Call our upholstery specialists in Childersburg, AL at (256) 391-5784 now.

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