Our Complete List of Upholstery Services

When your furniture still has a good frame, it can last for years. You do not have to replace it when you notice tears in the fabric or fading, re-upholstering is the best alternative to buying new pieces. JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc is a shop in Childersburg, AL that can offer you amazing services at fair rates. See what our team can do for you!

Upholstery Shop

Residential Upholstery

When you still love your furniture, you do not have to sell it or throw it away. If the old fabric is looking tired, you can count on us to help you restore it. We can help with the upholstery of various items in your home, including sofas, chairs, bed boards, cushions, pillows, and more.

Commercial Upholstery

Buying new furniture for your business costs a lot more than reupholstering, it can get even more expensive when you want a renowned brand too. So, instead of throwing away your old pieces, why not have them repaired? We can work with leather and various other fabrics and can assist with the re-upholstery of custom pieces, chairs, office chairs, upholstered walls, and more. We also do auto upholstery.


The best part of this service is that you can add a personal touch to your furniture. You can customize or select a color, cushion or fabric, that inspires you the most. Whatever your custom fabrication needs might be, share your ideas with us and enjoy the infallible outcome.

Furniture Repair

Instead of replacing your damaged furniture, we can help you bring your existing pieces back to their original condition. We guarantee quality upholstery work that will exceed your highest expectations. Call now to learn more about our techniques.

Furniture Restoration

Sometimes there are items which have been passed down from one generation to another. They have sentimental value attached to them, and we, at JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc, understand how much it means to you to restore your valuable furniture. We work with precision and always guarantee our work.

If you have a piece of furniture in need of repair or restoration services, call our team in Childersburg, AL and rest easy knowing you are making the right choice for a specialist. We have over 40 years of experience in this trade and will be more than happy to exceed your expectations! Dial (256) 391-5784 for more details.

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