Acquire Our Upholstery Service to Fix Your Scratched or Frayed Upholstered Furniture!

The pieces of furniture in our home comforts us. Also, it reflects the personality of the people living in the said household. Hence, when choosing furniture or changing them will always be an important thing to do and must not be half-heartedly done. If changing your piece of furniture is not a necessity then you can always re-upholster it revamp its look.


With JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc, you can be assured that your piece of furniture will look its best. Wherever you may be in Childersburg, AL we can assure you that we will be there to readily provide you with our upholstery service!


Why Reupholster Your Furniture

To reupholster or not to reupholster, that is the question. However, if we take this seriously, your answer should always be to reupholster. Why? So that you can improve your furniture and increase its value further by picking out a new fabric or improve outdated details of it. In fact, you can always choose to tuft it or form patterns with the old pattern of your furniture and improvise it with a new one. Also, if you have old or worn furniture, you can always bring it back to life instead of tossing it down the landfill and further contributing to the deterioration of the environment.


Choose Our Service

If you choose our re-upholstery services, we vow to give the best for your pieces of furniture. We will make sure that your furniture will have a life on its own. We can improve the style of your furniture and reinvent new ones to make it more interesting but solely depending on your preferences. We have professionals who can do all these things and are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to give you the quality of the upholstery service you need.


For all your upholstery service needs, JLK Upholstery Enterprise Inc is your best bet to do all the things to improve the quality of your furniture. If you are living within Childersburg, AL, then you are in luck because we operate within the area. Call us right away at our hotline, (256) 391-5784 to avail our services!

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